Lithuania is located northeast of Europe, at the southernmost point and is also the largest of the three Baltic states. With a rich history of the nation, the ancient castles and churches still preserve almost intact the original architecture of many works built from the Renaissance with the poetic and poetic scenery of the country. This small family has become a popular tourist attraction.

If you are planning to visit Lithuania, please refer to the following article to equip yourself with useful travel tips to help your vacation go smoothly.

Most of the country is under thick snow cover from November to March every year and the average temperature is quite low. Summer (from May to August) brings the warmest weather, very suitable to explore this beautiful land. However, you should not travel to Lithuania in the early summer, around May, because most Lithuanians have quite long summer holidays, which can cause serious congestion, scarcity of hotels and beaches are crowded.

The end of September and early October when the flowers are blooming in the parks is also a good time to travel to Lithuania. If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a passionate music festival, go to the city of Kaunas in April. color. Visitors should note that any time of year Lithuania’s weather may experience sudden rains, so remember to bring an umbrella before going out.

The cuisine there is usually simple, but includes many hot dishes to keep you warm during the cold winter in Eastern Europe. Barley bread and potatoes are quite typical in most Lithuanian dishes. In addition, vegetables like beets, mushrooms, berries and dairy products are also common ingredients.

Food hygiene standards are generally quite high in Lithuania, so visitors can be assured of their health during the trip. However, you should still be careful to check that meat and fish are well cooked, fruits and vegetables are washed, and avoid anything that seems unsafe.

Although it is only an unconscious habit in many tourists, when coming to Lithuania you should avoid whistling. The whistling here is said to be rude, just like a ghost or soul.

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