7. Savor the WinterWelVaart from Groningen

Like in a lot of cities in Europe, this Christmas market in Groningen is held annually. What makes WinterWelVaart different and unique is the maritime theme. You will have the usual stalls that sell food, handicrafts, as well as a mulled sweet wine, yet those stalls are placed along the canal’s banks – it used to be one center of activity in the significant market city, one Hanseatic League member. Historical canal boats will moor along this canal for WinterWelVaart. Also, visitors can probably board them. Concerts, art exhibits, and other performances are held in these small, cozy spaces, thus making for a warm, pleasant atmosphere. The surrounding maritime museum housed in one of the town’s oldest buildings holds events as well.

8. Come to the Dordrecht cozy city and one of the largest Christmas markets from the Netherlands

In case you do not know, Dordrecht is among the most beautiful cities from The Netherlands. It is also not overrun by many tourists. They make visiting this city a good idea, whatever season you are in the country. Yet, visiting Dordrecht in winter months is one of the greatest things to do in The Netherlands. Wonder why? The largest Christmas market in the country is held here. Plus, walking through the city, which is not well-known to many foreigners, will surely bring you closer to savoring the real Dutch culture. Here, you will see how people experience winter. Also, enjoy this cozy cobblestoned city, with the beautiful canals as well as canal houses. Enjoy the Christmas tree as well as the lights which are spread all over the city. And finally, break away from the windy environment by visiting a cafe and ordering a cup of tea and observing the city in the winter.

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