5. Enjoy ice skating in front of Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum 

Magical. It is how we would describe our first time to go ice skating in Museum Square. The square’s bare trees had Christmas lights. Also, the Rijksmuseum was beautifully lit up at night. Afterward, we went for some hot chocolate close to the arena. It felt like we had just had a fantastic winter evening in Amsterdam.

No activity can give you more of the winter feeling than going ice skating. It will be better if you do so in front of the excellent backdrop for your photos, the Rijksmuseum. The night was fantastic, but don’t think that we can ice skate for real (we used one chair in front of us so that we wouldn’t fall). Okay, at least we tried it, and we can tell you that it was full of fun.

6. Go to the ice-skating rink from Rotterdam

One of the typically Dutch activities is ice skating. But nowadays, you may be hard-pressed when finding canals for skating on. Fortunately, there are available skating rinks all over the Netherlands. If you are in Rotterdam during winter as well as having a couple of hours to spare, this Schaatsbaan Rotterdam should be your choice. This 400 meter enclosed rink is outside the center of the city, accessible by tram. Or you can bike.

This rink is open daily, but at night and when the lights of rainbow turn on, your skating experience will become extra gezellig. It is possible to skate around in circles until you do not want to do so or until you should catch your breath. Plus, watching the skilled skaters fly by is fun. You can also grab a snack or drink from the rest area and wait until you can start up again. 

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