2. Appreciate the Deventer Dickensfestijn

Part of the city center will get transformed into the English city from Charles Dickens’s time during the Dickens Festival. Bergkwartier’s cozy historic streets will be filled with Christmas decorations. And the roads are full of actors walking around in traditional clothing, and many locals from Deventer wear their historic outfits yearly. Smart children put on several rags and earn some pocket money that weekend. Also, many stalls are selling “hot-wine” as well as other delicacies throughout the week. It is an experience that is super fun!

3. May enjoy the Carol Concert from the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam

Visiting a classical music concert from the premier concert location Het Concertgebouw of the Netherlands is a unique, cozy experience whatever time of year you go. Still, there is something special about watching and hearing Christmas carols being performed in the place in the run-up to Christmas. You will not only get to admire the grand, pretty interior, but also you get to feel Christmassy after you sing along with several songs that you know and love. Turn your evening into being even more festive even when the concert ended by heading to the stall selling oliebollen. It is a conventional Dutch sweet treat served during winter. It is usually positioned directly in front of the Concertgebouw on Museum Square. 

4. Enjoy ice skating from the Amsterdam canals

Many people had to wait over five years, but it is finally possible to their skate on the Amsterdam canals. They have rarely seen a lot of happy Amsterdammers together. It may be world news. Also, on a lot of international media, there are videos and photos.

With some luck, the canals will, one more time, freeze in the next few years. Our best tip is: take your chance.

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