Traveling to Netherlands, you will have the opportunity to explore impressive landscapes, enjoy a rich and rich cuisine. And especially, this is also the land of unique and small souvenirs that you can take home and give to your relatives and friends after the trip.


If you are wondering what to buy gifts after traveling to the Netherlands, Stroopwafels is the ideal suggestion for you. This is a wonderful gift for sweet lovers. You can find this cake at food stores, bakeries or at the Netherlands airport.


If you are a “addict” of cheese, then you will definitely love when traveling to the Netherlands. Because here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious and famous cheeses, such as Gouda and Edam. Cheese is a special gift that you should not miss when visiting Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands.


Tulips are the symbol of the beautiful Dutch country. Because when people think of the Netherlands, people often think of the colorful flower fields blooming. If you have the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands, you should buy souvenirs of tulips to bring as gifts. Or you can buy tulips seeds, picture tulips extremely meaningful.


Besides tulips, the windmill is also an indispensable symbol in the Netherlands. You will easily find windmills of different sizes, diverse for you to choose from when visiting the souvenir shops. This souvenir will leave a beautiful impression on your trip.


Wooden clogs are a classic gift you must buy when traveling to the Netherlands. Although the Dutch people often do not go to these traditional shoes in their daily life, but this is known as a unique souvenir, bearing the Dutch cultural imprint. You can easily find lovely wooden clogs with all designs and colors in souvenir shops.

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