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With 3.79 million square miles and over 300 million people, the US is the fourth largest country in the world. Let’s check out some experiences when travelling in the world’s leading prosperous country.


English is the main language in the US, while Spanish is widely used in Southern California, New Mexico, Texas, Miami, and Florida.


Lightweight soft-soled shoes, waterproof sandals are ideal choices for long-distance travelling. In the cold season, remember to bring thick clothes such as sweater, jacket, woolen pants, gloves,… to keep yourself warm.

Travelling in the United States


Devices that are compatible with 110V – 60Hz AC electricity source, 3-pin type (parallel two-pin socket). Visitors should also bring the necessary adapter types. Often hotels have ironing boards and dryers, but not always.

Seasons in the US

Spring: March – May

Summer: June – August

Fall: August – November

Winter: December – February

Ideal time for travelling

Because of its large area, the United States has a very diverse climate, depending on each region. The climate between regions in the United States is not quite the same. Although the weather in the United States is so diverse, it does not make it difficult for visitors to travel if there is a thorough understanding of the destination, before choosing the time for their travelling.

In the winter, many areas in the United States have a rather heavy snowfall, while it is kind of hot and humid in summer. Therefore, the most appropriate time for a travelling in the US is in spring or autumn, because of their pleasant weather. However, tourists should be aware that in the late spring and early fall, in some parts of the United States, usually there are tornadoes or storms, especially in areas along the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

Above are some essential things tourist should keep in mind when travelling to the US. Hope you will have a great travel in this marvelous country!

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