Australia is one of the countries that have the highest level of urbanization in the world. This country has a large territory and is rich in natural resources. However, the population is quite small, so the population density is very low.

Australian tourism is not only attracted to modern destinations with majestic buildings like Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, but also attracts natural wonder lovers, deserted stretches and wild beaches.

The follows are some destinations worth visiting when you travel to Australia.

Sydney Opera House

The famous theater has a unique architecture of a scallop or the wind sailed to the sea. This is the unique architecture of Sydney in particular and Australia in general, attracting many visitors. This is one of the most representative architectural works of the 20th century and one of the most famous performing arts venues in the world. Sydney Opera House has 5 theater zones, 5 rehearsal studios, 2 main halls, 4 restaurants, six bars and a number of souvenir shops.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge is the main bridge across Sydney Harbor, which serves trains, motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians in the central business district of Sydney and the North Shore area. Sydney Harbor Bridge is nicknamed “Hanger” due to its arch architecture. Sydney Harbor Bridge is the world’s tallest arch bridge, 134 m from the top of the bridge to the river level. With a width of 48.8 m, the bridge has the widest span in the world.

Federation Square

Federation Square is Melbourne’s main community center and public space. This square is located in the center of Melbourne and next to it is Flinders Street Station, St. Cathedral. Paul and Yarra River. Federation Square is famous for its liberal architectural style, completely opposite to the imposing new Victorian and Gothic buildings.

All the places mentioned above are iconic images of Sydney and Australia.

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