Travel guide in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has been ranked 5th in the world in terms of living standards, possessing quite a number of different characteristics, bringing unforgettable experiences in your journey of discovery.

The Netherlands is located in Western Europe, bordering Germany to the east; bordering Belgium in the south, is one of the countries with nearly 30% of the area lower than sea level. This is one of the most notable geographical features of the Tulip country. It is also from such geographical characteristics, making the Netherlands world famous with its dense canal system, both impressing its traffic, beauty, and special values ​​in history. development and cultural characteristics of this country.

The appropriate time to travel to the Netherlands

There are north and west facing the Atlantic Ocean, the Dutch climate is characterized by a temperate oceanic climate. The winter in the Netherlands is not too cold, starts early from late December to February. Spring is from late March to June, while summer is from late June to September. Fall begins from near the end of September to mid-December.

Places to visit

Like other European countries, the Dutch tourist spot has a strong attraction to visitors. The most prominent is certainly the city of Amsterdam is located on the poetic Amstel river. The city is the capital of the Netherlands, has a dense canal system, including areas on the world heritage list. After Amsterdam is the city of Rotterdam, which is located about 50km from the capital. Rotterdam is both exciting and ancient, associated with typical architecture full of nostalgia and busy shopping street corners.

Compared to Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the third largest city of Holland has a very different color. Located about 30 km from Rotterdam, Hague is famous for not only the location of government agencies, the residence of many members of the Royal family but also the place for very wonderful resorts on the North Sea.

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