2. Evropeiskiy

It is a newly built shopping area but Evropeiskiy attracts a large number of visitors. Rated as a large and multifunctional commercial center of Russian tourism. The architectural design of Evropeiskiy is quite modern. Combined with the modern shopping system are offices of multinational companies worldwide.

Evropeiskiy provides for the shopping needs of a full range of items. In Evropeiskiy you can also buy items of famous brands. But you can also buy traditional Russian goods. Evropeiskiy often has discount seasons that attract a lot of visitors to shop.

3. Novinsky Passage

With a large area, Novinsky Passage is a shopping center with quite space for tourists to shop. Novinsky Passage has more than 500 stalls selling essential consumer goods of famous brands as well as Russian brands. In addition, Novinsky Passage also has an entertainment center serving the needs of visitors.

The center is located between the streets and BS Dorogomilov square of Kiev train station, near the subway station “Kyiv”. So to shop at Novinsky Passage is also quite convenient. The center’s elevators and escalators cater to the needs of travelers continuously.

4. Bookberry

Bookberry is a system of Russian bookstores throughout Russia’s centers. Bookberry provides a large number of books to serve all audiences. Especially as Bookberry serves both the supply of old books and old books. Ancient books are valuable books and are quite sought by many people.

Along the street of Ulitsa Novy Arbat toward Dom Knigi, pedestrians often linger around old bookshelves scattered on both sides of the road. Sometimes it was the Bookberry that sold the books. Book shoppers not only have a hobby of reading, but also have a hobby of collecting antique books.

5. Detskiy Mir

Detskiy Mir is a site specializing in children’s toys and CDs of Russia and other countries. There are quite a few shops here that cater to the needs of children shopping for toys. Goods here are also diverse.

There are shops that sell modern toys, but there are also many stores that sell traditional Russian toys. Every day Detskiy Mir is crowded with tourists and locals coming to buy gifts, toys. Today, children in Russia and neighboring countries still prefer traditional toy products. In addition, Detskiy Mir also has many specialized stores

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