Visitors should visit the tower early in the morning, bring a thin coat and beware of theft because it is crowded here.

Eiffel Tower is the symbol of the “capital of light” Paris. Each year the 324-meter-high tower welcomes about 7 million visitors. This is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world.

You should visit early in the morning when the weather is sunny and the air is a bit chilly. Many people also like to watch the Eiffel Tower at night. On average, there are about 20,000 lights and 336 projectors operating every 5 minutes to create a magical beauty for the tower. The ideal place to admire the Paris symbol at night is Trocadero Square.

The first place to visit is the first floor of the tower. With an altitude of 57 m above the ground, this is the place to concentrate the most recreational activities in the Eiffel Tower. You can walk on transparent glass like walking in midair. In addition, this floor is home to many unique restaurants and cafes.

The second floor of the tower is mainly a souvenir shop. For those who love French cuisine, Le Jules Verne restaurant will be the ideal destination. Here, you can see the city of Paris with the Seine river through the telescope.

The third floor is the most interesting place. To get here, you must climb the stairs or use the elevator. Visitors can admire the working room of the “father” of the Eiffel Tower, engineer Gustave Eiffel. It also serves fine wine glasses so that visitors can sip while taking in the panoramic view of the capital Paris.

You should not bring much because there are no cabinets here. When going to floors 2 and 3, you should bring a jacket because when going to the higher floors, the wind is stronger. If you walk near the tower, you need to be alert, avoid talking to strangers to prevent pickpockets.

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