With a large area, it is difficult to travel to Russia in a few short days. There are many places to visit in Russia as follows.

Red Square

The red square is one of Moscow’s largest and most famous squares, the city center because the roads and highways from this square all the way to Moscow.

Kremlin Palace

The Kremlin – a major project in Russia began to be built in 1475. Located in the center of the city, this time ago, this is the political center of the court and now the palace is the main residence. consciousness of Russian leaders, a symbol of power throughout Russia.

Church of St. Basil

St. Basil’s Cathedral is considered one of the Russian tourist attractions attracting a large number of international tourists to visit. Designed with a shape like a fire, strange and unique architecture of the cathedral is an attractive destination for tourists. No building in the world has the same design as this cathedral.

Tomb of Lenin

Lenin Mausoleum is the preserved and preserved place of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s body, died in 1924, in Russia’s Red Square center of Moscow.

Winter Palace

This is the most famous palace and also the symbol of St. Petersburg. Peterburg. Today, the palace has become one of the three largest museums in the world – Ermitage Museum. It exhibits 3 million artifacts, including works of art through the ages and ancient artifacts of ancient cultures.

Discover the world of Russian cuisine

Besides, travelling to Russia means visitors will come to a country with bold Western cuisine, with fruit and vegetable soups in daily meals, forest fruits, forest vegetables, fresh food. like fish, beef, chicken, pork, etc. Traditional dishes that tourists want to enjoy when coming to Russia are easy to find in luxurious restaurants or even in the kitchen molds of Russian families.

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