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    Experience preparing for a memorable European trip

    Traveling around Europe is now not difficult if you have enough money and attend a guided tour, but if you go on your own, it is not easy, you will need to set a specific schedule, prepare a visa and so carry a suitcase and go. Besides the most important thing is applying for a visa, you still have to prepare a lot of things and many other things when preparing to walk …

  • Travel guide in the Netherlands

    Travel guide in the Netherlands

    The Netherlands has been ranked 5th in the world in terms of living standards, possessing quite a number of different characteristics, bringing unforgettable experiences in your journey of discovery. The Netherlands is located in Western Europe, bordering Germany to the east; bordering Belgium in the south, is one of the countries with nearly 30% of the area lower than sea level. This is one of the most notable geographical features of the Tulip …

  • Handbook of all things about Berlin travel

    Handbook of all things about Berlin travel

    Berlin is Germany’s largest city and the second largest only to London in the European Union. This place is always one of the top cities for tourism in Europe. Tourism season in Berlin Like most other cities in Western Europe, the best time of the year to visit Berlin is at the end of April or mid-September, when the weather is quite cool. You should not visit the city in August to avoid …