One of the most popular things that people enjoy doing on their holiday is traveling. Some people go because that want to see the world and experience something new from a different culture, while some like traveling because they fall in love with the gastronomy of other countries. Thus, the food tour was born and has drawn the attention of thousands of travelers over the world. Even lots of famous chefs enjoy food tours because they love food and want to provide themselves with new experiences as well as tasty dishes.

However, like other travel styles, you need to have time and a budget for a food tour (except if you only want a food tour in your city), and you don’t always have those commodities. But, you still want to collect new recipes and experience new dishes. You might think about getting cookbooks, but they only give you words on paper. It would help if you tried the better option. And the most suitable for you in this situation are online cooking games. Lots of cooking games demonstrate different dishes and give you real experience and recipes, so if you want to enjoy every step to make a delicious dish, you shouldn’t skip our list below.

1. Papa’s Sushiria

When it comes to Japan, people always think of sushi. There are thousands of types of sushi, and each type requires special techniques, and to make a perfect dish of sushi, a chef needs to learn from the masters and practice for years. The delicate decorations and incredible tastes of sushi make you fall in love with this cuisine from the first bite. After enjoying sushi several times, you want to try to make it. You know you can’t move to Japan to learn how to make sushi, but you want to make some simple types of sushi. You should, therefore, try Papa’s Sushiria.

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