From the couple’s retirement place, the forest with hundreds of statues of fairy characters made by them has become a tourist attraction.
Initially, artist Doris Needham and her husband Ernest needed a place to display their sculptures so they bought a forest and scattered them everywhere. Those works are characters from fairy tales or rhyming poems for children. Their forest is currently located on the Trans-Canada highway in British Columbia. The forest was once a beautiful natural spot with lakes suitable for boating, tall 800-year-old cedar trees, attracting both salmon to spawning and elk and reindeer to each migration season.

During the 1950s, the couple cleaned the paths and erected a stone wall covering the area of ​​32,000 m2 without using any machines. Ernest also built for them a nice little house like a “gingerbread house” and installed a water system from a waterfall that can still be used to this day.

When the Rogers pass was completed and the road opened, traffic began to divert through the beautiful forest, like the Needham couple, so in 1960, they decided to open the door to welcome the guests. From an individual project, today the Enchanted Forest has become an attractive tourist destination for many visitors. Visitors come here to see dragons, pirates hiding behind rocks and big trees, dwarves and fairies in the lakes just below the waterfall, and especially the couple’s candy house. doctor.

In 1970, one million guests came here to visit art works from castles, statues, tree houses and characters hidden in the Needham forest. The artists realized the forest was increasingly difficult to manage and their retirement project suddenly turned into a challenging full-time job. Doris and Ernest sold the forest to Rocky and Juliet Ehlers.

The Ehlers family loved the garden and continued to look after it so it was always ready to welcome visitors. Today the forest is always renovating the small landscape, every corner has a small tent with a roof covered with ferns, or decorated a character in nursery rhymes. The Ehlers have added more than 350 large and small artifacts, including a pirate ship and the largest tree house in British Columbia.

The forest is an appropriate destination for visitors of all ages. In the forest there is a 2 km long walk that is full of 800 year-old cedar trees. In addition to the forest amusement park, visitors can also take a boat to admire the lake, stay in wooden houses, visit the floating garden and especially the Skytrek Adventure Park entertainment with adventure games. In the fall, visitors have the opportunity to watch salmon spawn in the Eagle River located at the northern border of the forest.

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