Ibiza - the paradise island

About 79 km from Valencia coast, Ibiza belongs to the Baleares Islands, an autonomous community of Spain with a relatively small area. This is a popular tourist island with beautiful beaches, bars and parties. Ibiza has been mentioned by EDM (electronic music) in the song “I took a pill in Ibiza” as a playful play spot.

A world heritage

Ibiza is recognized by UNESCO as a cultural and natural heritage due to its diverse marine ecosystem and long-standing culture. Visiting this island, tourists will indulge in the white sand and the cool blue waters of the Mediterranean in Ibiza. In addition to sun exposure, yoga, swimming, diving, parachute services… there is also an overnight camping service to watch the stars and the dawn with a price of 60 euro/night.

In the summer, the temperature is only over 20 degrees Celsius, rarely hot to 30 degrees, while the lowest temperature in winter is about 8 degrees Celsius, making this place an ideal vacation destination for many tourists.

Favorite place of many famous football strikers

Ibiza - the paradise island

 Zin├ędine Zidane – a former French player, also a former Real Madrid coach, spent a holiday with his family on a small island in the Mediterranean. He hired a floating yacht on the sea, surfing, and diving with his wife and children.

One of the island’s intimate travelers must include C. Ronaldo. Almost every summer, he was here with his friends and family. Portugal’s No. 7 shirt player has a special affection for Ibiza, when he won the Euro, he came to Ibiza to celebrate, when he injured, he came to Ibiza to rest …

Last summer, Messi spent 37,330 Euro for a party at a restaurant – the Cabaret club during the holiday with Cesc Fabregas and Luis Suarez in Ibiza, including nearly 6,500 Euro tax.

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