Horse Simulator 3D is an incredible 3D animal game in which you can live like an adorable horse on a lovely island. You will travel through lots of missions such as complete different tasks, start an engaging family, win over various opponents, or make your horse more and more adorable. You will get chances to decorate your own lovely home. Level up your skills and fight with other predators in the forest to keep your family in safe. 

GAME MISSIONS – An incredible 3D animal Game

You will control your horse game character and join in the gameplay with numerous challenging tasks. You will help the villagers on various missions and protect your own horse pack from many dangers in the forest. 

HORSE FAMILY – Let’s build your own horse family.

The islands are very dangerous; you have to explore and cooperate with others or create your own group. You just cannot survive alone in these worlds full of danger. Increase the size of the horse and improve its skills. When your horse grows up enough, you can find its mate and build your own horse family.


The horse can visit its own home to rest and get more energy for his next trip. When your horse is at home, you can explore many interesting things. Try to complete all of the missions to get more coins to purchase for more upgrades and strengthen your house.


In this simulation game, you also get time to create your own horse’ s skin and looks. You can customize the look of the ponies as well as your grown-up horse. There are numerous choices for you to pick and create as your own interest. Let’s explore different skin types, saddles for riding, smart hats, and join in the adventures now.

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