Like many European countries, Finland enjoys seasonal seasons, characterized by a warm but brief summer, a long, snow-covered winter.

Summer is a very interesting time to travel to Helsinki or anywhere else on Scandinavia. Because at this time, Helsinki is always lively with long festivals with happy holidays such as saying goodbye to the cold winter months.

Visitors to Finland may find it difficult to sleep during the summer months, especially in the north, where the sun can stay on the horizon for several weeks. From mid-April to mid-August every year, the sun does not set on the island of Svalbard in the Norwegian archipelago, but the city of Helsinki is on the southern tip of Finland, not close enough to the equator to witness the scene. sundown. And so, the night of this city takes place in the twilight, instead of a covered night.

Helsinki travel

Nestled on the Gulf of Finland (in the Baltic Sea), Helsinki is built to protect the harbor when Helsinki is still under Swedish rule. But now, Helsinki is not only the economic, cultural and political center of Finland but also a famous tourist city of Europe with ancient museums, the most advanced architecture in Europe.

The first place you should visit during your exploration of Helsinki is the boulevard full of fallen Esplanadin Puisto. It is also called a miniature “Champs Elysees of Paris“. From here, you can see the statue of Amanda made of bronze, a daughter who is holding her chin around is the head of 4 seals in the center of the market. This is considered the symbol of Helsinki.

You should also visit the other famous Helsinki attractions like Uspenski cathedral. This is the largest cathedral in Northern Europe. In addition, you should not ignore the Presidential Palace in the north of Helsinki. This building used to be the palace of the Tsar, after Finland gained independence, it became the Presidential Palace.

If you are a fan of museums and art culture, then in Helsinki, you can go to the Finnish National Theater, the Finnish National Museum or the Ateneum Art Museum, which houses a large collection of art. most of the country. Here you will understand why in 2000 Helsinki became a famous cultural city in Europe.

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