Experience visiting the Palace of Versailles in France

Located only 20 km from Paris, the tour of the Palace of Versailles will take a whole day to fully explore. Try spending the whole day exploring the castle, lost in the royal garden. Surely you will admire the house of Marie Antoinette, which is located in a village that recreates the village of the farmer. In the summer, there are also garden concerts and spectacular art fountain performances inside Versailles palace

Here are the experiences of visiting the Palace of Versailles, which I have summarized for your trip to the fullest.

Come here soon: More than 3 million people visit the palace each year (averaging 8000 people every day). Therefore, there will be hundreds of buses going in and long queues. These buses start quite early, so please arrive earlier before the castle opens.

Experience visiting the Palace of Versailles in France

If not possible, come late: Visit this place at the end of the day, when the crowds have gradually decreased and the tour visitors have returned.

Remember, never go in the middle of the day! Avoid weekends, because the palace is especially crowded these days. You will not see anything. The entrance to the Royal Garden is free during the low tourist season (November – April) and on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the peak season.

There are several restaurants around the area but they are very expensive. Have a meal somewhere along the way to save a significant amount of money. If you are going to have a meal at the palace, make sure you have at least EUR 20 per person.

Most people will visit the Royal Garden first, then visit the mansion of Marie Antoinette. So take a tour in reverse order to avoid the crowds. If you really want to learn more about the castle, choose a guided tour.

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