Traveling around Europe is now not difficult if you have enough money and attend a guided tour, but if you go on your own, it is not easy, you will need to set a specific schedule, prepare a visa and so carry a suitcase and go.

Besides the most important thing is applying for a visa, you still have to prepare a lot of things and many other things when preparing to walk to a strange sky. If you’ve ever been to Europe on a tour, it may be easier to continue self-sufficiency, but if this is your first time preparing everything for your trip, keep in mind the following.

Prepare flight tickets

There are many direct flights to the country where you apply for a Schengen visa, and you should also fly straight to save time and wait for fatigue. Flying straight to Europe can cost $700-1,000. But if you want to transit in another country to discover more, like Singapore or Dubai, for example, you can also choose transit routes.

You should also choose the appropriate travel time, to Europe in March – April or October – November, the weather is nice and pleasant and air tickets are also cheaper.


If you go to Europe at the above times, remember to bring warm clothing but do not need to be too thick, in the remaining time, you must carefully prepare winter clothes because the temperature will be around – 10 degrees to 5 degrees, which is very cold.

You should bring a large backpack or a small suitcase to go on the street, wear a hat and don’t forget to put on a towel and wear comfortable sneakers. You should also bring your own toothpaste, brush, shampoo, etc. because if you buy yourself in Europe, the cost is quite expensive, save money to enjoy the special cuisine here.

Remember these self-sufficient European travel experience to not be embarrassed when you arrive in the snowy continent.

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