1. Lapland 

Best Things To Do In Lapland 

  • Chase for the Northern Lights – Perhaps the best activity in Sweden is to see the Northern Lights. They are not noticeable each night of the year, and we indeed got better luck admiring them in Norway and Finland. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you do anticipate seeing the Northern Lights in Sweden, at that point Lapland is the spot to be; on the grounds that this is what you have to see the Aurora Borealis: 

– Clear skies 

– A solid KP Index 

– To visit among October and April (preferably) 

  • Pay a visit to a moose ranch – You know, moose do live wild here, anyway, they are not simple to spot as reindeer. Actually, during our four weeks in both Swedish Lapland and Finnish Lapland, we just observed a gathering of moose in the wild once! That is the reason we chose to visit the Arctic Moose Farm, where we had the option to find and feed them. Here, the owner is amazingly friendly. Also, you can tell that he genuinely loves looking after these goliath animals. 
  • Find a space station – That’s correct, Swedish Lapland is home to its one of a kind space station! What’s more, it’s straightforward why, as it’s situated in no place, encompassed by a large number of kilometers of land where to test. You can visit the center at the famous Esrange Space Center and appreciate the exhibit, where they feature old satellites as well as other space equipment. 
  • Enjoy climbing in the wild – Sweden is loaded up with national parks. Every one of them is crisscrossed with climbing trails. Any reasonable person would agree that regardless of where you visit in Lapland, you’ll discover someplace to get lost wandering in nature!

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