The activities to do in Antarctica include some of the most original things to experience in the globe. There are not a lot of places that you can probably sit at your arm’s length from the penguin, admire some of the world’s biggest icebergs while freezing your bum off.

There are plenty of misconceptions regarding Antarctica, inclusive of the fact that there is no need to spend about $10,000 for the cruise. Many cruise ships go when it is summer, but it is not as cold as you expect here. You can indeed walk around in your T-shirt many times! Through your trip to Antarctica, you can obtain the last minute operators’ list, which provides the last minute cruises for around $4,000. 

Below we have been specific about some of the great things to enjoy there.

1. Become close and personal with adorable penguins

Antarctica’s most popular tourist attraction, hands down. Not many places around the world give you the chance to be at arm’s length from cute penguins. You may want to walk among the enormous colonies and admire penguin chicks during the year’s right time! 

2. Swim there at Deception Bay

This bay is indeed a volcano’s caldera, as well as the original site for swimming in Antarctica. Why is this site chosen? It is because the water is, in general, warmer as a result of the volcano. Not all, the biggest Chinstrap penguin colony in the world lives on the island.

3. Enjoy a Zodiac cruise 

The zodiac is known as a small boat that around 8-11 people can be taken inside a couple of Antarctica’s smaller passageways. Here, you will possibly appreciate icebergs up close. What is more, if you are lucky enough, you can see a lot of different seal types – for example, leopard seals.

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