Every country, big or small, has its own symbols. It can be cultural, culinary or famous landmarks, but just mention that people will know which country is it’s own. Let’s review the beautiful locations of America, the places with bold “very American” features.

What is America famous for?

1. Statue of Liberty, New York

Considered a symbol of America since 1886, a gift from France, the Statue of Liberty represents freedom and wealth. The Statue of Liberty takes the form of a woman in a robe, representing Libertas, the Roman liberal goddess, holding her torch in the right hand and a slate with an engraved independence date of the other hand.

For immigrants to the United States, the image of the Statue of Liberty holding up the torch is a guarantee of escape from poverty.

This statue is an exemplary symbol of the ideal of freedom as well as of the United States itself

2. Freedom Boulevard Freedom Trail, Boston

Freedom Trail is the road through downtown Boston. Perhaps Boston is the best place in the United States to help discover the history of the American revolution because most events take place in and around Massachusetts.

Walking in the Boston Freedom Trail is like visiting a revolutionary history museum, where there are many impressive images that capture the historical moments of the United States. There are a lot of dramas set here to recreate the American revolution, especially in which the film depicts the Boston massacre.

3. Independent Building, Philadelphia

Right in this building, the Declaration of Independence was signed, President George Washington was appointed the commander of the Continental Army, and the Constitution was ratified. The Independence Building is a separate part of the National Historical Park, where you will also find Freedom Bells and several museums.

4. Fort Sumter, Charleston, South Carolina

The first pictures of a civil war fired on this fortress on an island that people created in the harbor of Charleston. The 34-hour war that followed led to the defeat of the Alliance and turned Fort Sumter into a symbol of Southern resistance. Today it is considered a National Park and becomes a tourist attraction, but it is still under the management and supervision of forest rangers.

5. National Shopping Center, Washington DC

The Washington DC shopping center is surrounded by a large collection of American icons, the Washington DC memorial on the other side, the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnamese memory right next door. There is also a museum near the shopping center.

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