Yuen Po Street Bird Garden

Yuen Po is a wonderful bird-lover’s paradise. This place was built in 1997 to replace the many pet bird stalls scattered throughout the streets along the busy Mong Kok.

Because it is nestled in the middle of a spacious traditional Chinese-style garden, it owns a fresh and green space. Yuen Po has about 70 large and small stalls with a variety of ornamental birds, bamboo cages, and sophisticated souvenirs.


In 1997, Great Britain handed over Hong Kong to the Chinese government. On this occasion, the pink dolphin was chosen as the official mascot of Hong Kong. Due to serious environmental pollution, at present, this adorable fish is in danger of extinction. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation of Hong Kong, in 2016, there were only 47 individuals left in the waters around Lantau Island.

To see pink dolphins swimming in the clear cool water, you can join a cruise departing from Tai O or Tung Chung.


Prayer for peace, prosperity, luck, and success is one of the spiritual beauties in Chinese culture. Legend has it that there was a woman named Tanka with a strange disease. In the dream, a god told her to go to Lam Tsuen to throw the burned votive paper into a large tree to present it to the gods. After she did, she miraculously recovered. Since then, this story quickly spread throughout Hong Kong.

So every year, Hong Kong people go to the Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree in front of a small shrine in Fong Ma Po village to pray. Traveling here, you can write your pure wishes on a piece of paper, tie it to an orange and bounce the wish tree. People believe that the higher the orange an orange is, the more likely a wish will come true.

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