How to understand Hong Kong, one of the most vibrant cities in the world? This is a really tough question. Instead of trying to find the answer, you should patiently explore and slowly feel about this land through 12 interesting travel experiences only here.

What do you think of when referring to Hong Kong? A modern city, hustle, cramped, frustrated or a peaceful, peaceful land with long miles of lush mountains and forests? Through each different perspective, we will see the strange personality of this unique city.


Hong Kong is a land deeply influenced by Japanese culture from many conflicts in the past. In the 60s of the 20th century, funny cartoon characters of Japan were very popular in Hong Kong. Even, their lovely images have entered the unique cuisine of this land.

If you are a fan of Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine will be an interesting suggestion for your trip! At this cute dim sum restaurant, everything is dreamy pink with a legendary cat face and lovely bow. In addition, Dim Sum Icon restaurant, Pompompurin coffee shop and many surrounding shops are also an attractive choice that cannot be denied.


If you are an animal lover, stop at Rabbitland. This is a lovely vegetarian cafe, famous with 12 cute rabbits. You can sip a cup of aromatic coffee and have fun with these 12 friendly friends.


Over the past decade, Hong Kong craft beer has flourished with the introduction of many small breweries in localities. Here, beer is often classified by yeast and malt with a variety of flavors: sweet, bitter, concentrated, etc.


Dubbed one of the most bizarre dishes in the world, stinky tofu is Hong Kong’s famous street specialty. Tofu is soaked in vegetable brine, milk, meat and herbs and then cooled for a certain period of time to ferment. Not luxurious, sophisticated, this dish is made by frying yellow tofu and then sprinkling it with black or chili sauce.


Located at Aldrich Bay on the north coast of Hong Kong Island, the Hong Kong Film Archive Institute is a great destination for every film fan. Founded in 1993, it is preserving more than 6,300 film rolls, tapes, magazines and scripts associated with the vibrant film industry of Thom Port through each historical period.

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